Conference Location:

An der Industriebahn 12
13088 Berlin


MobileIron Live! is taking place at a unique location – Motorwerk Berlin. The name “Motorwerk” in German stands for “motor factory”, which is exactly what the original purpose of the building was. This huge industrial complex was built in the early 20th century and functioned as a factory during the GDR times as well, up until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It was in the beginning of the 90s that the industrial production in the Motorwerk stopped for good and the hall started its new life – as an important point in Berlin’s rising techno scene. In 1991 it was home to the first Mayday festival which is now the oldest and most reputed electronic music festival in Germany. In the following years the factory hall hosted concerts of Kraftwerk, Motorhead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Ramones. So if you are a fan of any of those – you are gonna visit the place where a piece of musical history has been written!

Impressions from MobileIron Live! 2017